NEX is a separate trading board of TSX Venture Exchange. It provides a trading forum for issuers that have fallen below TSX Venture's ongoing listing standards. It is also an environment where industry participants can transact with NEX issuers for reverse takeover opportunities with a view to reactivate and graduate to TSX Venture Exchange. NEX issuers have the opportunity to refinance, reactivate or reinvent themselves in order to re-apply to TSX Venture Exchange provided they can evidence their compliance with TSX Venture Listing Requirements.

This differentiation provides two distinct marketplaces — each with its own risk profile, unique characteristics and specific opportunities. NEX issuers benefit from the support and visibility provided by a listing and trading environment tailored to their needs, while the profile and reputation of TSX Venture Exchange issuers is enhanced as a result of the overall improved quality of the main TSX Venture stock list.

To access information on NEX and its issuers, visit the NEX web site